About Us

About the comic:

Pop and Deedee is a comic series about two people. These two people are, you guessed it, named Pop and Deedee. Pop is a cisgender queer woman. Deedee is a trans person. They are also queer.

Pop and Deedee is created by artist Paterson Hodgson and writer Niko Stratis.


About the creators:


Niko is a writer, or at least is the writer of this series. They also write a series of short essays about being trans. You can find these on their website, nikostratis.com. You can also follow them on Twitter and/or Instagram

Paterson is an illustrator, and the illustrator of this. She also has a band called So Young. These are all things Paterson is very good at. You can also find her elsewhere on the internet: Twitter and Instagram and on her website, patersonhodgson.com/